Get an Appealing Look with Natural Beauty Treatments

It is surely human nature for us as human beings to appear attractive and appealing in the eyes of others. And it’s because of this that people are looking for how to get rid of a double chin or how to lose those wrinkles that have been building up. It is for this reason that many folks are very much interested in experimenting with different kinds of beauty tips and products. They then end up with many skin problems. The best that one can go in for your skin would be the natural beauty treatments. The fact of the matter is that there are many beauty products that one can choose from on the market. The natural ones would not harm you at all.

Indeed the benefits of the natural beauty treatments are countless when compared to the artificial beauty products. The first thing is that many of them are made without any kind of animal testing. A number of the natural products would not use any synthetic or chemical because there are no side effects. There are some of the beauticians however who would use chemicals to preserve the product but them use small quantities. The natural beauty products are bio-degradable and this means that they are very much environmentally friendly. Surely a number of beauty experts have seen the needs of the natural beauty products and treatments. It is very crucial that you go in for those ones that suit your type of skin.

There are a number of these natural beauty treatments on the market but the populous one would be the aroma therapy. This is a kind of alternative medicine that is used for the healing of varying health and skin issues. There are different kinds of renowned spas all over the world that practice this. This one is composed of three types and they include Topical, Direct and Aerial. The Topical one would be used for the beauty treatments and the ingredients that are used here include vaporizer, carrier oils, herbal distillates, essential oils and fragrant oil extracts. The Aroma therapy makes use of some fundamental elements meaning that there are no side effects at all.

Right from the hair to the nails, there are many natural beauty solutions that cater for your skin. Gone are the days when we used to believe that these natural beauty treatments are just reserved for the domain of the girls. Indeed both the boys and girls are all aware of their appearance especially in public and therefore would want to enhance it.

What would you do with $100,000

A friend asked me an interesting question the other day. He said, “if you had $100,000 to spend on whatever you want, but it had to be on something for you (not including bills), what would you buy?” In general I don’t buy much for myself anymore – most of my money goes on savings and various bills – so it’s an interesting question. Here’s a quick rundown of the top three things I’d like to do/buy if money wasn’t an issue.

  1. A new watch
    I’d love to get a high quality watch – preferably a vintage one if I could afford it. A nice antique Breguet watch would do me perfectly. There are loads of watches that I like, but for something that stands out I don’t think you can beat a vintage watch.
  2. Trip around the world
    I’ve been lucky enough to do some travelling before, but there’s still so much that I haven’t seen or done. I’d love to spend a few weeks surfing off an Australian beach, visit Thailand and do all the other things that teenagers seem to do on their gap years – although in more comfort with a large sum of money in the bank!
  3. New computer
    I think most of my money would have been used up on a new watch and a trip around the world, so for the final object I’d probably spend a few thousand on a new computer. I use computers all the time so it’s something I’d get a lot of use out of, although it wouldn’t provide the long term value or memories as the other two.

Now I’ve given my three things, what would you do if you had that amount of money to spare? What’s amazing to think is that people with lots of money wouldn’t consider $100,000 spare cash very much – it must be an interesting life to say the least!

People Don’t Understand Pets

I don’t think it’s surprising or controversial to say it, but people really don’t think long enough or hard enough about whether they should get a pet or not. There has been a big campaign about making sure people don’t buy dogs without considering the consequences, but there needs to be more done for all types of animals.

There is definitely a misconception that smaller animals like rabbits are cheap and easy to keep. I don’t argue that rabbits are less difficult than bigger animals such as dogs, but they still need to be fed twice a day, given fresh vegetables daily, cleaned out once a week, let into a run every day and cleaned regularly. People who think they can just get a rabbit hutch and put some food in once a day don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.

Something that I believe most people forget is how much of a problem a pet can be if you want to go away. Yes, there are places that will look after small animals for a fee, but it’s difficult to know which of these will handle your pet regularly. If you go away for much longer than a week then no handling can have a permanent effect on your pet.

Bottom line is – don’t buy a pet, no matter how small, without first considering ALL the consequences.

Off Topic: Rant About Dancing

Maybe I’m just being a kill joy, but does anyone actually enjoy dancing? I’m not a fan myself, and it always strikes me as strange that people think you “have” to dance. Let’s be honest, very few people are actually any good at dancing – most of us look ridiculous and we know it, so why put yourself through it?

I can see the attraction of dancing if you’re doing it for fun or want to learn how to do it properly. Most people just turn up at an event under the illusion that they are actually “pretty good”, when in fact everyone is just trying to ignore how bad everyone else is at dancing. This is made worse when someone is forced to dance – you can almost feel the horror in their face as they’re dragged onto the dance floor against their will.

Then again, some people love it, so I must be missing out on something. It’s not a question of being too reserved for most people though, it’s just the realisation that you can’t dance, and hence it’s really not a good idea to show it off in public.

Yes, you could just stick to simple dance moves in public. But where’s the fun in that? I can’t see much point in dancing if it’s not something you enjoy – although there seem to be some occasions where it becomes unavoidable.

If I go to a party, wedding or some other event then you definitely won’t see me on the dance floor. If you’re not good at something it’s generally not a good idea to do it in public, so in this case it’s something I’ll avoid! For people who like dancing, that’s great, but don’t feel the need to try and force other people to do it!

Anyway, rant over…..

Suckered By The Iped

If you are interested in the new wave of “pads” following in the wake of Apples Ipad, then you will surely have heard of the iPed, which shot to fame largely (i think) becuase of its name, being an obvious, and rather cheeky take on the iPad. I mean, what exactly is a “Ped”?

The iPed costs a third of the price of an iPad and runs Google Android (which I love). Its an open source platform with great potential, so I figured the manufacturers of the iPed may be onto something.

A couple of days ago, I had the dubious pleaseure of inspecting an iPed, bought by a bargain hunting friend. It was not a happy purchase.

The build quality is poor. There are cabling ribbons poking around the black border which are visible throught the edge of the screen. The screen iself is rippled, its a thin plastic screen, not at all like the solid screen of the iPad.

Worse still the screen is not responsive to touch, it is terrible to work with. It is not a patch on the effortless “glide of a finger” responsiveness you get with the iPad.

Also, the main button puts the thing to sleep instead of taking you home, and, that button which looks like a smooth concave (again taken from the iPad) sits at the bottom of a sharp reces which is very uncomfortable.

It may be just a third of the price, but it has little value in my opinion. I think its a complete waste of money. Either do not get a “pad”, or, save a little more money to get one you will actually use.

If you do not use a product (and I do not think my friend will be using his ipad) then it is worthless… isnt it?

Posterous Comes to the Iphone

If you are on the blogging scene you will undoubtedly be aware of Posterous, an simple easy to use blogging platform that has become very popular, particularly it seems with academics.

I have been toying with it myelf recently for a family site that we can all update, both young and old. I started looking at Posterous as it was billed as the “Easiest way to”… publish and synicate anything online!

Its a cool platform, and I am sure my grandparents will get used to it, but for the younger members of the family there is now a Posterous Iphone app available.

I think this will be really appealing for the younger members of my family, though they do not all have i-phones. However, like most apps, I expect this will be ported to Android pretty quickly, if it has not been already. Since software was released to allow i-phone app developers to port to Android, the number of Android apps available has soared. So, blogging on the move is about to get a whole lot easier!

However, I am not sure this is entirely a good thing. I was hoping that our family site would have interesting and funny stuff on it. From what I have seen from similar Twitter apps, it encourages timeous ramblings. “I am stuck in traffic”, “I am bored” etc. Not the kind of thing I had hoped for.

Whilst apps are great for updating your “status” I do not think they are conducive to putting down anything particularly thoughtful or worthwhile. I think there is more to sitting at your PC than simply having a bigger screen and a proper keyboard, it is also about the mindset and the environment you are in.

In the past I have seen “first blog post from my iphone” type posts, I cannot ever recall seeing more than one such post on a given site. Yes it “can” be done, but, who really wants to?